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The Best Pizza Delivery Restaurants in Gainesville, FL

Ah, Gainesville, Florida. Recently voted the nation’s top college town, Gainesville’s fame doesn’t just come from our outstanding football team; a big chunk of its appeal is its amazing food. And, as college towns go, there’s really only one metric that matters: how good the pizza is. Here are the top three restaurants for delivery pizza in the home of the Gators:

  1. I Love NY Pizza – 1702 W University Ave # A2 (352.376.0680)

I Love NY Pizza (often also called “I ‘Heart’ NY Pizza,” thanks to its T-shirt-referential logo) is very easily the best pizza delivery restaurant in Gainesville, Florida. Although its primary business model is based on dining in (in a very well decorated, “New-York style” restaurant), they also have a delivery service. I Love NY Pizza ships in its water from the Big Apple for ultimate authenticity, and it most certainly shows in the final product. freight transportation

Quality Grade: A+

Pricing Grade: B+

Favorite Order: Plain Cheese Pizza – It’s good enough on its own!

  1. Big Lou’s – 5 SE 2nd Ave (352.335.7123)

Big Lou’s is a close second for pizza delivery service in Gainesville. One strength of the restaurant itself is its lively atmosphere: they have live music on most nights. But even if you’re just getting Big Lou’s pizza delivered to your door, you’re getting a New York pizza experience. Like I Love NY, Big Lou’s also imports its water from New York City. Although the specialty pizzas are tough to beat (try the spinach!), the plain cheese pies just don’t seem perfect. However, who knows? Maybe Big Lou’s is right for you.

Quality Grade: B+

Pricing Grade: C+

Favorite Order: Spinach Pizza

  1. Five Star Pizza – 210 SW 2nd Ave (352.375.5600)

If you don’t have Five Star Pizza where you live, then there probably aren’t enough twenty-somethings to attract them. Five Star is among the most essential college pizza delivery restaurants, mostly because their pizza is quick and cheap. Quality-wise, this pizza isn’t in the same ballpark as those aforementioned establishments, but it’s still better than Domino’s!

Quality Grade: C+

Pricing Grade: A+

Favorite Order: Pepperoni Pizza