night curtain

Soundproof Curtains: A Veil Of Sound

You must have heard about soundproof walls and devices, but a soundproof curtain? Yes, it is possible to have one. Soundproof curtains are nothing but a veil for noise. It is made with heavy fabrics and materials that block noise and sight. It can absorb the sound coming from outside the house.

How Are They Made?

Soundproof Curtains are made from special raw materials and with layers of fabric. They are heavy and dark most of the time. The density of clothes used is also extra dense as compared to normal night curtains.


  1. Not only do they block noise, but also light and heat. If you are tired of people peeping in at your home, you can always get rid of them the soundproof veils.
  2. If you are a Singaporean, you must be knowing how much close are homes to busy roads full of traffic.
  3. Not to mention how luxurious it looks to have a multi-layered curtain. Not only it changes the whole look of the house but also blocks outside kinds of stuff.
  4. They are available in different sizes and shapes. You can use them for homes and offices and at other places too. Even options for the theme are also there for you.
  5. The cost is not much as you are thinking. It is low and rational.


Curtains are a necessity to have nowadays. But a soundproof curtain adds a different kind of beauty to it. You ought to have one if you want a house free of noise. It is fun to have one.