Providing every child their rightful education

August 10, 2021

Education for all in equal measurements should be the motto of every school in the current technologically advanced world. Gone are the days when the privilege was a factor, now, it is important to provide equal opportunities for all rights from schooling. A few years before, providing education and learning space for children with special needs or disabilities was a huge task and challenge. Today, with several people coming forward to help and technology giving its hand, we are able to overcome the challenges and succeed in creating an environment where every child learns as one.

UNESCO has estimated that there are more than 90 million children in the world who are with some kind of disability. Not only this, but they are also the group that has always been marginalized or excluded from the mainstream education platform as they were having extremely limited access to resources. To come over this, many schools have initiated plans that will include children with special needs as it is very important to have early intervention school Singapore.

The best option to choose:

International Integrated School or IIS is one of the most popular institutions which acts as an early intervention school Singapore. Special needs children are those who have difficulties in reading, writing, speaking, and even getting along with other children. Thus, it becomes extremely imperative to provide in-depth support to all the children so that they can excel in their learning process.

How do they help?

Not only for the children, but also for the parents it becomes difficult when their child faces the certain type of difficulties like bullying, insufficient care, and inadequate facilities like the others. IIS dreams of shattering those differences and ensures equal learning scope for all. They have a team of experienced educators who understand their main role and act accordingly along with the other support staff.