Pocket spring mattress singapore

Where To Find Pocket Spring Mattress: Singapore

Sleep is a necessary activity in one’s life which can determine the whole trajectory of events that may happen in one’s life; in fact, a lack of proper sleep can also affect one’s memory, productivity and attention, making it very important for one to have a proper sleep without any interruptions. This is where¬†pocket spring mattress singapore has to offer can help one with uninterrupted, quality sleep.

What is a pocket spring mattress?

A pocket spring mattress is a type of mattress made from individual springs fixed in a way that each has its own pockets and space, independent from every other spring of the mattress. It makes the springs react to pressure only when it is directly applied to them unlike in a normal mattress where the other side would dip as well because the pressure is applied on one side.

This makes a pocket spring mattress quite comfortable for those who are sleeping with their partner, sibling or even their pets as it does not disturbs the other side of the bed even when the other party is rolling around on one side.

Where to find it?

A pocket spring mattress can be bought from both online and physical stores, let it be of any size or colour. In case of unavailability, one can even order them in advance.


In end, pocket spring mattresses are firm mattresses with a comfortable pocket of space unaffected by the way one’s partner is sleeping beside them.